Plan your visit to San Diego!

Note: We highly recommend attendees to stay on campus to avoid local traffic and search for parking spots in the designated zones. See the room rates associated with our registration page. If you prefer to stay in one of the neighboring hotels, please see links to the right.

The weather in San Diego is wonderful in late August, with an average day time temperature of 25oC and an average night time temperature of 20oC. The skies are blue and rain a very rare occurrence. Outside of the weather, San Diego has many other attractions. Our beaches and coastline are world famous and filled with potential discoveries for both the mind and the body. Sit on the sand and ponder the grant proposal while watching the sun set over the ocean. Or take a long walk on the beach and forget that proposal instead.

If you feel more active, one of our resident Noble Laureates, Kary Mullis, is an avid surfer. Surfing lessons are available for those who wish to emulate him in more than just inventiveness. Or rent a sailboat and consider the possibility of an adventurous run to Hawaii far across the vast Pacific Ocean for a moment or two while skimming through beautiful Mission Bay.

Besides the waterfront, we have many other attractions. San Diego is also home to some of the most beautiful golf courses in the US. Torrey Pines, home of an International PGA event is 3km from UCSD and La Costa Resort’s 2 courses will challenge the skill of any golfer. Our San Diego Zoo is also world famous, and near enough for a visit, as is Balboa Park and all its museums. SeaWorld, although controversial, is still a major attraction. For those who desire nightlife, the Gaslamp District downtown is a wonderful explosion of food, music, drink and nightlife. Choose from a nearly countless number of restaurants and bars the way we locals do, by strolling the 16 block district until we find what we fancy. There is no doubt you will eventually find what appeals to you, from bars with sawdust covered floors that cater to country music to the popular sophisticated vodka bars and just about everything in between.

Also downtown is PetCo Park, the home of the San Diego Padres baseball team. Major League Baseball is still in season in late August and with play-off action looming, it is an exciting time to catch a game. Although the schedule is not yet out for the 2018 season, there is a possibility the team will be in town during the conference. The evening games start at 7 PM, and therefore would be a possible excursion for attendees. A newer attraction is the fact that San Diego is considered the micro-brewery capital of the world. It is quickly becoming a “must go” destination for beer connoisseurs, and the city is determined to become to beer what Napa Valley is to wine in California. A sponsor (TriLink) has already agreed to organize and fund a local micro-brewery tour for the first 200 respondents.

Less than a one hour drive north of San Diego is the Temecula Valley Wine Country. With over 30 independent Vineyards, including Callaway, Falkner, and Ponte a varietal can be found to satisfy any palate. Most vineyards offer tours and have beautiful restaurants with sweeping views where visitors can enjoy anything from a quick snack to a relaxing five star lunch or dinner.

As a major US city and tourist destination, transportation to the city is very convenient from anywhere in the world. The airport is located downtown, less than 20 km from the meeting location at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) campus. Convenient taxi, bus, and shuttle services are available. With school not yet started, many may find that combining a business meeting with a relaxing family vacation on the beach to be yet another reason to attend the IRT in San Diego.

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This event is organized on behalf of the IS3NA. The IS3NA is an organization devoted to study of Nucleosides, Nucleotides, & Nucleic Acids.

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